London's First Night Tube Opens

October 20, 2016

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. set in motion / sɛt ɪn ˈmoʊ ʃən / (idiom) – to initiate or start something
Example: The project was set in motion after the planning stages.

2. setback / ˈsɛtˌbæk / (n.) – a problem that stops or interrupts progress
Example: His lack of motivation is a setback in his current task.

3. financial gain / fɪˈnæn ʃəl geɪn faɪ-/ (n.) – the amount of money that can be acquired
Example: The company expects to make a big financial gain after the release of its new product.

4. time frame / ˈtaɪm freɪm / (n.) – a period of time when something happens
Example: Their time frame for the construction project is two months.

5. seamless / ˈsim lɪs / (adj.) – continuing smoothly without interruption
Example: The employee expects a seamless transfer to the new branch.


Read the text below.
London’s subway system has launched its first 24-hour service, called the Night Tube.

Under the new London Mayor Sadiq Khan, the 24/7 service was finally set in motion on August 19, 2016 after almost a year of delay. The setback was caused by disputes regarding the tube drivers’ pay and conditions.

The Night Tube, which operates every Friday and Saturday, aims to help party-goers and shift workers commute in the early hours after midnight. With ten-minute intervals, the trains are expected to cut down the travel time of night commuters by around 20 minutes. An average of six to eight trains per hour will be accessible between 12:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m.

As a result, bars, nightclubs, theaters, and restaurants are set to make huge financial gains, as more customers can now visit them within a wider time frame. To accommodate the increasing demand, businesses in dining and entertainment sectors are expected to increase their night-time workers.

Around 2,000 job opportunities will open following the launch, boosting London’s night economy by up to $480 million. The Night Tube alone employed additional 500 workers, including drivers, maintenance staff, and control technicians, to ensure seamless operations.

With over 50,000 passengers on its first night, the Night Tube got off to a good start. However, there were issues raised concerning the increased possibility of crimes during the night-time service. In response, Mayor Khan declared his plans to make a $4-million investment to deploy additional 100 police officers to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         What do you think can be the negative impact of having a night-time subway service? Discuss.
·         What can the government do to further ensure the smooth operation of the night-time subway?

Discussion B

·         Do you want to have a Night Tube in your country? Why or why not?
·         What is the importance of investing in night-time businesses? Discuss.

October 20, 2016