Family Travels the World for Eleven Years

April 14, 2011

Unlocking Word Meanings
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

1. uniqueness (n.) [yoo-neek-nis] – the quality of being different from everything else
Example: Diamond’s uniqueness is beautiful.

2. antique (adj.) [an-teek] – something belonging to the past; very old and ancient
Example: My grandmother’s jewelry is antique.
3. lend a hand (idiom) [lend uh hand] – to help someone especially by doing something that involves the body
Example: I always lend a hand to old people when they cross the street.

4. complimentary (adj.) [kom-pluh-men-tuh-ree] – given free of charge usually to show politeness or courtesy
Example: Some hotels provide complimentary drinks for their guests.     

Read the text below.

While most people just dream of traveling around the world, a family from Argentina has been living that dream for eleven years now.

After a few years of stable married life, Herman and Candelaria Zapp left their successful business in 2000 and decided to travel from Buenos Aires to Alaska to follow their dream to travel around the world. They continued traveling and years later, they had their four children on the road, each of them born in four different countries: their eldest Pampa, 8, in the US; Tehue, 5, in Argentina; Paloma, 3, in Canada; and their youngest Wallaby, 1, in Australia.

While traveling, the couple teaches their own kids by allowing them to see the world, meet different kinds of people, and understand the uniqueness of each culture. They also do normal family activities like singing in the car, playing games and listening to music while travelling.

They travel using an antique 1928 Graham Paige car. The car, which they call “Grandpa”, serves as their kitchen, schoolhouse and apartment. “Grandpa” would break down from time to time but whenever it does, kind strangers willingly lend a hand.

Traveling the world can be expensive, so to earn money the family sells Candelaria’s watercolor paintings and Herman also sold a book about their travels. Sometimes businesses give complimentary services, such as car repair and shipping, while strangers offer their houses for the night.

While on the road, they have experienced having their visas denied, almost being robbed, and being served with unusual meals made of monkey and live ants. Despite the many problems they have experienced, the couple says they want to keep on traveling. However, they might take a break once their first born turns ten.

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor. 

Discussion A

·         What for you is the most important thing that a family should remember when traveling together?
·         What other things does your family do to bond with each other?  

Discussion B

·         Do you think the way the Zapp’s teach their children is a good way for children to learn?
·         What are the advantages of learning things by experience?

April 14, 2011