American Airlines to Remove TV Screens in Some Planes

March 29, 2017

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. one step ahead   / wʌn stɛp əˈhɛd / (idiom) – more prepared or advanced than others
Example: Most airlines try to be one step ahead of their competitors by continuously improving their services.

2. ration / ˈræʃ ən / (v.) – to restrict the amount of something that someone can use
Example: Because of the limited supply, the camp leader rationed the food among the campers.

3. library / ˈlaɪˌbrɛr i /  (n.) – a collection of study or entertainment materials (e.g. books, films, music, etc.)
Example: He owns a huge library of movies from different countries.

4. in-flight / ˈɪnˌflaɪt / (adj.) – describes something that takes place during a plane flight
Example: Movies and TV series are provided for the passengers’ in-flight entertainment.

5. flexible / ˈflɛk sə bəl / (adj.) – allowing change or providing options
Example: The company’s flexible shift allows employees to come to work anytime.


Read the text below.
American Airlines will be upgrading its in-flight entertainment by replacing in-seat TV screens with new technology in its new airplanes.

The airline is taking in-flight entertainment one step ahead by removing classic TV screens from its new Boeing 737 Max airplanes, which are intended for domestic flights. In place of the screens, the airline will install better in-flight Wi-Fi in its planes, which passengers can use with their own gadgets.

American Airlines said that more than 90% of its passengers bring their own devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops, for entertainment. The company added that the passengers prefer to use these devices, which have much better image quality than the in-seat screens.

For its new planes, American Airlines will be replacing Gogo with ViaSat as its internet service provider. Unlike Gogo, which uses cellular towers, the new provider is expected to provide faster Internet since it relies on satellites. Also, ViaSat does not ration its Internet connection because it has a high bandwidth, allowing passengers to stream more freely.

Using the improved Wi-Fi connectivity, passengers can access American Airline’s huge library of movies, TV shows, and music through their own gadgets. In-flight Internet surfing is another perk that passengers can enjoy, but with additional charges.

American Airlines is not the only airline that is upgrading its in-flight entertainment. Other companies such as Jetstar and Virgin Australia have also replaced in-seat screens in some of their flights with wireless entertainment. However, Delta Air decided to keep its screens. According to the company, it wants to provide flexible options to its passengers, especially those who do not intend to use their gadgets while on board. 

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A
·         For in-flight entertainment, would you prefer using your own gadget or using the in-seat screens? Why?
·         In your opinion, why do some people still prefer the in-seat screens?

Discussion B

·         Aside from Internet-based entertainment, what other forms of entertainment would you add in an airplane? Discuss.
·         Aside from in-flight entertainment, what aspects of in-flight service should airlines improve? Why?

March 29, 2017