New Vibrating Dental Tool Makes Injections Painless

September 15, 2012

Unlocking Word Meanings
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

1. prong (n.)
[prawng, prong] – a long, pointed part of an object that extends outwards
Example: The typical fork has four prongs.

2. administer (v.) [ad-min-uh-ster] – to give medicine or treatment to someone
Example: The nurse will administer medicine to the sick patient.

3. vibrating (adj.) [vahy-breyt-ing] – moving back and forth repeatedly, lightly shaking
Example: Simply press this button and the vibrating toothbrush will start to shake. 

4. pain reliever (n.) [peyn ri-lee-ver] – medicine that helps lessen or remove pain or discomfort
Example: She had a terrible headache, so she took two pain relievers.

5. eliminate (v.) [ih-lim-uh-neyt] – to remove
Example: Brushing twice a day eliminates bacteria in the mouth.

Read the text below.

A new dental device called Dental Vibe is now being used by dentists to help deliver painless injections.

Dental Vibe looks like an electric toothbrush with a light and two prongs. Between the two prongs is a space for the doctor to administer the Novocain injection. The injection is done while the vibrating prongs are pressed against the patient’s gums.

The device works because vibrations travel to the brain faster than pain signals. The brain then focuses on the vibrations and does not sense the pain caused by the injection needle.

Many patients say Dental Vibe is truly effective. Some said they did not even realize that the injection was already over.

Dr. Aleksander Iofin, a specialist from New York, describes the Dental Vibe as an industry-changing product. Dr. Iofin is particularly pleased with how the Dental Vibe helps in lessening patients’ fear.

Before the introduction of Dental Vibe, dentists relied on gel-type pain relievers that were applied on the mouth. Many patients, however, still fear the injection needle.

A survey done by the American Dental Association showed that 20% of Americans were too scared to make dental appointments.

Dr. Iofin says that since the Dental Vibe eliminates pain felt from injections, it would also eliminate the fear associated with that pain. More patients would then be willing to visit the dentist for treatment because they would no longer be afraid of pain.

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor. 

Discussion A

·         Do you fear injections? Why or why not?
·         What do you think of the Dental Vibe? Would you be interested in trying it out someday?

Discussion B

·         Are there things (sights, sounds, smells) which make you feel uncomfortable at the dentist’s or doctor’s office? Why do these make you worry or feel uncomfortable?
·         What do you do to feel more relaxed when visiting a dentist or a doctor?

September 15, 2012