Doctor Recommends Ways to Look Good without Plastic Surgery

November 25, 2012

Unlocking Word Meanings
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

1. cellulite (n.) 
[sel-yuh-lahyt, -leet] – lumpy deposits of fat in the body, especially in the thighs and buttocks
Example: The doctor prescribed his patient a skin cream to get rid of her cellulite.

2. DIY (adj.) – abbreviation of Do-It-Yourself
ExampleDIY books help amateurs to do projects at home.

3. regimen (n.) [rej-uh-muhn, -men, rezh-] – diet or exercise that is planned and scheduled
Example: The Soup Diet regimen includes a lot of liquids in a person’s meals.

4. bloated (adj.) [bloh-tid] – an uncomfortable feeling of being full
Example: He felt bloated after eating a large meal.

5. plank (n.) [plangk] – a form of exercise where a person stays in a difficult position for a period of time
Example: The coach told the athlete to do some planks to strengthen his muscles.

Read the text below.

Nowadays, plastic surgery is popular because it is an easy and quick method of changing a person's appearance. But Dr. Andrew Ordon, an American plastic surgeon, says surgery is not the only solution. Dr. Ordon, one of the hosts of the TV show “The Doctors” reveals that wrinkles and cellulite can be removed without people undergoing surgery.

In an interview with, Dr. Ordon talked about his new book, “Better in 7,” which contains DIY beauty treatments and health tips. People can follow the book’s advice and see results in just seven days.

Dr. Ordon says that his diet regimen is easy and gives people energy. The diet will not leave people feeling hungry because of the fiber and energy-filled foods added to their meal plans. Moreover, these foods will not make dieters feel bloated.

For exercise, Dr. Ordon suggests that people do planks or simple positions found in yoga and pilates.

Dr. Ordon also discussed stretch marks, a common problem of pregnant women. In the past, he advised women to prevent stretch marks by exercising and dieting. Now, he says that applying peanut butter on their stretch marks after their pregnancy is also effective. He explains that peanut butter has vitamins A, D, E and K that nourish skin and help remove marks.

He believes that the tips in his book offer healthier alternatives to chemical-filled store products. According to him, good appearance relies on what people do with their body not just on the outside but also on the inside.

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor. 

Discussion A

·         Do you think someone’s health and body can greatly improve in just seven days? Why or why not?
·         What other natural beauty treatments or health advice do you know of?
Discussion B

·         Why do you think a lot of people want to change how they look?
·         Do you agree that plastic surgery is a good way to change a person’s appearance? Why or why not?


November 25, 2012