Santa Winter Games Held in Sweden

December 18, 2012

Unlocking Word Meanings
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. dressed (adj.) [dres d] – wearing a certain type of clothing
Example: Old men dressed as Santa Claus will parade in the street on Christmas day. 

2. take part (v. phrase) [teyk-pahrt] – to join something
Example: A lot of people took part in the competition for the prizes.

3. procession (n.) [pruh-sesh-uh n] – a group of people, usually in lines, moving forward in an orderly manner
Example: Participants of the Christmas parade marched in procession. 

4. reindeer (n.) [reyn-deer] – a large deer with antlers on its head and commonly found in northern regions of the earth
Example: Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer is Santa’s most popular assistant.

5. sack race (n.) [sak-reys] – a race in which contestants jump to the finish line while standing inside a large sack
Example: People have to jump fast to win a sack race.

Read the text below.

Nine competitors dressed as Santa Claus went to the cold town of Gaellivare, Sweden to take part in this year’s Santa Winter Games.

The Santas came from different parts of the world.  French contestant “Delestre” was the only female contestant and was joining for the second time. She said the Santas liked taking part in the contest because they want to make children happy. 

Japan’s representative, “Santa Paradise Yamamoto,” was accompanied by three people in a reindeer costume. Spanish Santa, “Santa España,” brought with him a three-year-old assistant who liked to play in the snow. Other Santas came from Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

The Games began with a Santa parade to the center of the town. Aside from marching in the procession, the Santas took part in games such as reindeer-riding, porridge-eating, karaoke and sack races. Children were especially excited and cheered for their favorite Santas.

At the end of the events, the Dutch Santa, “Santa Holland,” was named the winner by the contest judges. He was also champion last year. He said that he will join again next year to defend his title.

Participants enjoyed wine and hot chocolate drinks at a nearby market after the contest.

An estimated 400 people, some of whom traveled from other countries, were present to watch the contest. Organizers said it was the first time such a large number of people came. Mathias Svalenstroem, the event’s main organizer, said the Santa Winter Games will be bigger and better next year.

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor. 

Discussion A

·         What might people learn from a contest between different Santas from around the world?
·         Why do you think people, especially children, like Santa Claus?

Discussion B

·         How is Christmas celebrated in your country?
·         What do you enjoy the most about the Christmas season?


December 18, 2012