Disney to Improve its First Cruise Ship

June 21, 2013

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. fleet [fleet] (n.) – a group of vehicles, ships, or aircrafts operated and owned by a single company
Example: The company uses its fleet of delivery trucks to transport its products.

2. measure up [MEZH-er uhp] (v. phrase) – to be equal or to have the same quality with something else
Example: The old ships are trying to measure up with the features and capabilities of the latest ships.

3. deck [dek] (n.) – any floor or level of a ship or a bus
Example: We took the stairs to get to the ship’s fifth deck from the second deck.

4. journey [JUR-nee] (n.) – the act of going from one place to another
Example: The couple wished for a round-the-world journey for their anniversary.

5. cruise [krooz] (v.) – to sail or to travel by water
Example: Next summer, we will ride on a ship and cruise from island to island.


Read the text below.
Disney recently announced that its first cruise ship Disney Magic will go through major changes and development from September to October this year.

The Disney Magic is a cruise ship with a capacity of 2,713 passengers. It was first launched in 1998, making it the first ship among the Disney Cruise Line fleet. The ship will have a makeover in order to measure up to Disney’s newer cruise ships.

According to Disney, the changes on the ship will focus on improving spaces for children and adults. The ship’s dining spaces will also undergo significant improvements.

Among the improvements for the ship is the Aqua Dunk, a slide that goes from the thirteenth to the tenth deck. Other new enjoyable features include the Twist n’ Spout waterslide and the play area called the Nephew’s Splash Zone. The ship will also have an all-new Marvel's Avengers Academy.

Improvement of the ship will cater to clients of various ages. Children who are three to twelve years old may enjoy the Oceaneer Club and Lab, while children under three years can play at the “It’s a Small World” nursery. Adults may also take pleasure on the improvements of the ship’s night club, piano bar and lounge, sports bar, spa, and restaurant.

After all the changes, the ship will restart its journey between October and December from Miami to the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Next year, Disney Magic will cruise from Florida to the Bahamas on January to May.

Although the ship will undergo its changes not until September, people are now getting reservations to make sure that they experience the improved Disney Magic.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Would you be interested to ride the Disney Magic? Why is that so?
·         Why do you think old ships like Disney Magic need to match the features of newer ships?

Discussion B

·         In your opinion, why is it important to for a company to constantly improve its services?
·         Should customer satisfaction be the topmost concern of a business? Why do you think so?


June 21, 2013