Overseas Students Feel Unwelcome in the UK

August 20, 2013

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. overseas [oh-ver-SEEZ] (adi.) – in or to a foreign country
Example: Mario was an overseas student in the US before he worked in our company.

2. segregated [SEG-ri-gey-tid] (adj.) – isolated or separated from a group
Example: The university ignored the issues about segregated students.

3. inadequate [in-AD-i-kwit] (adj.) – not suitable or not capable of meeting a certain standard
Example: The new student felt inadequate in his unfamiliar environment.

4. indicator [IN-di-key-ter] (n.) – someone or something that suggests a state or level
Example: The government officials waited for an indicator that will trigger them to implement the new law.

5. destination [des-tuh-NEY-shuh n] (n.) – a place where someone is headed
Example: The map helped the tourist find her destination.


Read the text below.
A recent survey revealed that more than half of the overseas students in the UK feel unwelcome due to the government's attempt of cutting the number of migrations in the country.

The Regent’s University in London has initiated the said survey, which involved 500 foreign students from 105 colleges and universities in the UK.

According to the survey, 52% of the foreign students reacted negatively with the migration policies. About half of the students from North America also share the same sentiments.

The survey also showed that a lot of overseas students feel highly segregated. In fact, a quarter of the students felt inadequate in their own university. Forty percent also claimed to spend most of their time with peers of the same nationality, with one out of five feeling isolated.

Because of these results, UK’s business secretary worries that the current migration policies may badly affect the number of overseas students coming to the country. Some universities are therefore requesting that students be exempted from such policies.

Despite negative indicators, the survey also found that foreign students are having great experiences in the UK. In fact, four in five students think that the UK has a good quality of education. Almost all of the respondents also said that they would recommend studying in the UK.

According to the government, the number of foreign students migrating in the country is still increasing as compared to last year. A spokesperson from the government also stressed that overseas students are welcome in the country and that the UK aims to maintain its reputation as one of the best destinations for higher education.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Do you agree that the UK’s immigration policy cause overseas students to feel less welcome? Why or why not?
·         Why do you think many students want to study in the UK?

Discussion B

·         In your opinion, why is it important to treat foreigners kindly? Please explain your answer.
·         Given the opportunity, would you study (or send your children to study) outside your country? Please explain your answer.


August 20, 2013