Pay for Airline Space Instead of Seats With Morph

December 15, 2013

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. cushioned [KOO SH-uh nd] (adj.) – supported by a soft bag (e.g. a pillow)
Example: Cushioned seats are very comfortable to sit on. 

2. hammock [HAM-uh k] (n.) – a hanging bed made out of a net or fabric
Example: Sleeping on a hammock at the beach is very relaxing.

3. recline [ri-KLAHYN] (v.) – to lean backward
Example: You can sleep better if you recline your seat. 

4. take into account [TEYK  IN-too uh-KOUNT](idiom)– to think about or consider something
Example: We should take into account many factors when making a new product.

5. go nowhere [GOH NOH-hwair, -wair] (idiom) – to not succeed or do well
Example: His business proposal will go nowhere because it is too costly. 


Read the text below.
Morph is a new concept for airline seats that allows airplane passengers to pay for space instead of seats.

This concept was created by the British design firm Seymourpowell to let passengers manage their own space. Instead of three separate cushioned seats, the design uses a single sheet of fabric stretched across the seats like a hammock. The fabric is clamped down by armrests. The backrest is also made of another sheet of fabric which is separated by upper dividers.

The Morph has many features, including adjustable armrests and dividers that can suit the size and needs of the traveler. Another feature is its backrest with movable parts that allow the traveler to recline without moving the whole seat.

A standard airplane seat is 18 inches wide. A travelling father can adjust his seat to 20 inches while his child can adjust his to 16 inches. The total will still be two standard airplane seats but the father can have more space and the child can still sit comfortably at no extra cost. Seymourpowell suggests that children can sell or trade their extra space to passengers who want more space.

Aside from the passenger's size, the new design takes into account how people feel. Some people want more privacy while some do not mind having smaller spaces.

Morph is indeed an interesting concept but it is unlikely to go anywhere. Such seats will have to go through various tests and meet strict safety regulations. Issues may also occur if passengers start fighting for space.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Do you think that Morph will be popular among passengers? Why do you think so?
·         In your opinion, what are the disadvantages of this new design? Please explain briefly.

Discussion B

·         Why is privacy important? Please explain your answer. 
·         What can a person do to maintain his/her privacy when travelling? Please explain briefly.


December 15, 2013