Man’s Selfie with His Daughters Goes Viral

February 9, 2014

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. viral /ˈvaɪrəl/ (adj.) – referring to something that is widely and rapidly circulated on the Internet
Example: The controversial photo of the governor and his alleged mistress went viral last night.

2. selfie /ˈsɛlfi/ (n.) – a person’s photo that he or she took by himself or herself
Example: The actress posted a selfie showing her in a bridal costume. 

3. baby carrier /ˈbeɪbi ˈkæriər/ (n. phrase) – a sling-like garment that one wears to carry a baby while having his or her hands free
Example: My sister uses a baby carrier to carry her baby while she cooks in the kitchen.

4. deadbeat /ˈdɛdˌbit/ (n.) – a person who does not fulfill his responsibilities
Example: He should start looking for a job or else he’d be a deadbeat.

5. lament /ləˈmɛnt/ (v.) – to feel or express sadness over something
Example: The woman hugged her children as she lamented the death of her husband.


Read the text below.
A father of two from Los Angeles got the surprise of his life when a photo of him with his two daughters went viral online.

Doyin Richards, a blogger and a father of two, posted a selfie on Facebook that shows himself while taking care of his two daughters. In the photo, Richards is seen carrying his three-month-old baby girl in a baby carrier while brushing his other daughter’s hair.

Within hours, the photo generated thousands of views and drew a lot of positive and negative reactions. Some commenters took notice of his skin and accused Richards, who is an African-American, of being a deadbeat.

Others pointed out the differences in Richards’ and his daughters’ skin color, and accused him of renting or stealing the children in order to take the picture. However, the difference between Richards’ skin color and his children’s is because his wife is half-American and half-Japanese.

Despite negative comments, many others were more positive about Richards’ photo. Many parents expressed admiration over Richards’ dedication as a father. They even called Richards a hero and an inspiration.

For his part, Richards lamented the racist comments, many of which came from African-Americans like himself. He added that people who can criticize his kids because their skin is not as dark as his skin have some serious problems.

He also referred to his photo as the ultimate selfie because it tackles several themes, including fatherhood and race. He hopes that the photo can generate a fresh conversation about modern parenthood and the role of a father in his children’s lives.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         In your opinion, why did the photo posted by Richards garner so much attention and reaction?
·         Do you think it was inappropriate to comment or inquire about the ethnicity/race of Richards and his daughters? Why or why not?

Discussion B

·         Why do you think some people enjoy posting selfies online? Discuss with your tutor.
·         Do you think the Internet and the rise of social networking sites have made people more confident about their appearance? Explain.


February 9, 2014