The World’s Most Connected Man

May 13, 2014

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. wearable /ˈwɛərəəl/ (adj.) – referring to something that is suitable to wear
ExampleGoogle glass is one of the latest wearable devices.

2. real-time /ˈriəl taɪm/ (n.) – the actual time during which an activity occurs
ExampleThe news program broadcasts updates on the search and rescue operation for the missing plane in real-time.

3. plethora /ˈplɛθərə/ (n.) – overabundance of something
ExampleA plethora of reviews have been written about the latest gadget.

4. numerous /ˈnuərəs/ (adj.) – having great quantity or number
ExampleNumerous models of the new phone are now available in the market.

5. start-up /ˈstɑrtˌʌp/ (adj.) – describes something that has just begun or started
Example: The start-up company will celebrate its second anniversary.


Read the text below.
A 45-year-old man from Denver uses various forms of wearable gadgets and applications to monitor his own body and everything he does.

Labeled as “the most connected human” in the world, Chris Dancy utilizes 700 systems simultaneously. To gather information about himself and his surroundings in real-time, he uses a range of sensors and monitoring devices connected to his own body.

For him, body and mind can be hacked the same way people hack computers and any type of data. He said that whenever he touches something, he makes sure that he can acquire information from it – information which he can track, search, visualize, and share with others.

To help him track all information he needs, Dancy wears a plethora of gadgets including Pebble smartwatch, a Google Glass, a BodyMedia arm band, and a Blue heart rate monitor. He also makes use of numerous devices in his house to collect data about his sleep.

Furthermore, Dancy also collects information about his dogs by using Tagg, an application that helps people monitor their pets’ activities.

Dancy’s connected lifestyle has helped him know himself better than anyone else. He became more aware of simple activities in his life such as eating, drinking, sleeping, and waking up. This habitual monitoring has even allowed him to lose 100 pounds (45kg).

Both major and start-up companies all over the world have also begun to seek Dancy’s help in developing smarter products. He gives advice and spends time creating good solutions for businesses.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Would you be willing to follow Dancy’s way of monitoring his body and the environment? Why or why not?
·         Do you agree that mind and body can be hacked the same way people hack computers? Why or why not?

Discussion B

·         How important is information in this day and age? Explain.
·         Why do we need to be aware about our own selves?


May 13, 2014