British Airways Will Use Fuel Made of Waste

June 23, 2014

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. go green /goʊ grin/ (idiom) – to do environment-friendly acts
Example: The company plans to go green by not using plastic and Styrofoam.

2. sustainable /səˈsteɪəl/ (adj.) – referring to something that will last or will not run out for a long time
Example: The use of alternative sources leads to a sustainable fuel resource.

3. combust /kəmˈbʌst/ (v.) – to burn something
Example: Oxygen and heat are needed to combust fuel.

4. tackle /ˈtækəl/ (v.) – to discuss and analyze an important matter
Example: The directors tackled the company’s plans.

5. biofuel /ˈbaɪˌfyuəl/ (n.) – type of fuel that is made from organic materials like plants
Example: The plane uses biofuel to save money and help the environment.


Read the text below.
United Kingdom’s largest airline company, British Airways, plans to go green by becoming the first airline to use fuel made of landfill waste. 

In partnership with sustainable energy company Solena Fuels, British Airways hopes to help protect the environment and the UK’s economy.

This project will begin with a three-year construction of the fuel conversion facility in Thurrock, Essex [THUR-uhk ES-iks], in England. By 2017, the facility can turn 575,000 tons of post-recycled waste to 120,000 tons of liquid fuels. British Airways expects to purchase 50,000 tons each year to be used by its planes. The wastes are combusted cleanly so the process of making the fuel will not harm the environment.

British Airways acknowledges that further discussions are needed for this project. In fact, this topic is one of the important subjects tackled in the 2014 Global Sustainable Aviation Summit on April 30.

Lessening pollution is a big concern in air transportation. Other airline companies like United, KLM, and Virgin Atlantic are also planning to consider other potential uses of biofuels in the future.

Last year, United Airline signed a deal to buy 15 million gallons of lower carbon and renewable jet fuel from AltAir Fuels. KLM currently uses biofuels in its commercial flights. In 2009, United Airline became the first North American airline to fly a plane with biofuels made from algae. In 2008, Virgin Atlantic became the first airline to use biofuels in its planes.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Do you think biofuels should totally replace original jet fuels? Why or why not?
·          Would you prefer riding a plane that uses biofuel or the one that uses jet fuel? Kindly explain your answer.

Discussion B

·         What other environment-friendly transportation methods do you know?
·         How do you think the government can help in the campaign to help protect the environment?

June 23, 2014