Restaurant in Mumbai Uses Drone to Deliver Pizza

July 27, 2014

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. create a buzz /kriˈeɪt ə bʌz/ (idiom) – to do something that attracts attention and causes excitement
Example: The restaurant’s latest pizza flavor has created a buzz among food fanatics.

2. traffic jam /ˈtræf ɪk dʒæm/ (n.) – a situation in which many vehicles are stuck or slowly moving on the road
Example: We arrived late for dinner because of a traffic jam.

3. drone /droʊn/ (n.) – small aerial machine operated by a computer or a remote control
Example: They used drones with cameras to get an overhead view of the shop.

4. rotor /ˈroʊ tər/ (n.) – part of aerial vehicle that rotates very fast to lift the machine from the ground
Example: The drone is equipped with multiple rotors so it can fly higher.

5. drawback /ˈdrɔˌbæk/ (n.) – a disadvantage or a bad effect of something
Example: A possible drawback of a quick delivery is that the food might be poorly cooked.


Read the text below.
An Italian restaurant located in Mumbai [moom-bahy], India’s most populated city, has created a buzz by making use of drones to deliver pizza [PEET-suh].

In its two years of service, Francesco’s Pizzeria [fran-CHES-kohs peet-suh-REE-uh] has faced a common problem when customers call for pizza deliveries ─ traffic jams. Widespread traffic jams in the city make it difficult for the restaurant’s delivery personnel to do their jobs.

To address this problem, the company’s Chief Executive, Mikhel Rajani [mik-HEL rah-JA-ni], thought of a delivery method that will no longer require motorcycle vehicles. His solution involves using a drone or an automatic aerial [AIR-ee-uhl, ey-EER-ee-uhl] vehicle to bring pizza to customers.

According to Rajani, the world’s largest online retail website, inspired Francesco’s Pizzeria to adopt the drone delivery method. Amazon has recently announced its plans of using drones to transport lightweight goods to nearby customers.

Rajani tried to apply this technology through a pizza test-delivery to a customer who was 1.5 kilometers away from the store. The four-rotor drone successfully brought the box of pizza to a man waiting on top of a tall building. Rajani said the drone delivery and its video documentation was done with the help of his automotive engineer friend.

While this technology can save time and transportation costs, Rajani acknowledges that using drones also has drawbacks. Mumbai currently does not allow a drone to fly higher than 400 feet and over security establishments. Rajani added that a customized drone like the one used in the test-flight is expensive and can cost $2,000. In addition, unexpected technical difficulties may occur while using the drones.

Despite these drawbacks, Rajani believes that four to five years from now, drone delivery will be commonly used.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Which would you prefer, pizza delivered via drone or via motorcycle? Why?
·         What could be the other disadvantages of using drones to deliver products? Kindly discuss.

Discussion B

·         Why is timeliness very important in the business industry?
·         How would you react if your order arrived later than expected?

July 27, 2014