Mobile App Poses Danger to the Police

April 8, 2015

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. real-time / ˈri əlˈtaɪm / (adj.) – relating to something that takes place at an exact time
Example The TV broadcast the real-time footage of the accident.

2. jeopardy / ˈdʒɛp ər di / (n.) – (usually preceded by in) to be placed at risk
Example: Wrong information can put you in jeopardy.

3. counter /ˈkaʊn tər/ (v.) – to make an opposing move
Example: The police officers will counter the rising number of criminal activities.

4. app / æp / (n.) – a program that is usually used in a mobile device
Example: I downloaded three apps.

5. garner / ˈgɑr nər / (v.) – to gather or to collect
Example: The company garnered a lot of negative reviews.


Read the text below.
A traffic navigation app called Waze [weyz] is being accused of causing danger to police officers in the United States.

The Waze app is a community-driven program. It allows users to share, update, and track real-time information on traffic conditions and locations. This is done when the users turn on the program and drives around while it is open. The program records details about the travel then adds the data to a collective server. The data are compared to give the user the best possible route.

Since the ambush of two New York police officers in December 2014, Waze has been the focus of the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA). The NSA believes that Waze can put the lives of police officers in jeopardy. With the ability to notify users of the location of police officers, criminal elements will be able to take advantage of the program to avoid or do harm to the officers on patrol.

Julie Mossler, spokesperson for Waze, countered these claims. She mentioned that drivers are more cautious when the police are more visible to them. She added that the app also promotes a faster emergency response and helps with lightening heavy traffic. Waze also has police partners that support the app—like Scott Israel from Broward [BRO-wurd] County, Florida.

Waze was initially created by a developer based in Israel and Palo-Alto. The program garnered the interest of big companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook. By the end of the negotiations, Waze was bought by Google for over one billion dollars.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Do you think Waze is dangerous for police officers? Why do you say so?
·         Has technology improved peace and order in your country? Please explain your answer.

Discussion B

·         Are mobile apps a fad or do you think they will stay for a long time? Why or why not?
·         How do you see the future of mobiles apps? 

April 8, 2015