Airline Launches New Hello Kitty-Themed Plane for Houston-Taipei Flights

August 16, 2015

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. aircraft / ˈɛərˌkræft / (n.) – any machine that flies in the air
Example: Some aircraft are designed for high-altitude flight.

2. entertainment / ˌɛn tərˈteɪn mənt / (n.) – something that gives pleasure or amusement
Example: The airline offers toys as entertainment for kids.

3. theme / θim / (n.) – a unifying or dominant idea or pattern
Example: The theme for the crew’s costume was comic book characters.

4. exterior / ɪkˈstɪər i ər / (n.) – the outer part of something
Example:  You can see the company’s logo on the plane’s exterior.

5. fiction / ˈfɪk ʃən /  (n.) – a story that is fake or not real
Example: Many people love science fiction movies.


Read the text below.
A Taiwanese international airline has launched a new Hello Kitty-themed plane with a Houston-Taipei route on June 19.

EVA Air’s  Hello Kitty-themed Boeing [BOH-ing] 777-300ER is also the airline’s most recent aircraft. The aircraft becomes the seventh hello kitty themed plane in the airline's fleet and the first to serve outside asia. It flies four times a week from Taipei to Houston, Texas, and vice versa.

The themed Boeing 777-300ER can accommodate 333 passengers—thirty-nine in the Royal Laurel Class business section, 56 in the “Elite” premium economy, and 238 in the standard coach seats. The Hello Kitty-themed plane also offers Wi-Fi connectivity, in-flight entertainment systems, and text messaging and roaming services onboard.

In addition, the plane’s Hello Kitty theme does not apply only to its exterior design; it also applies to numerous items inside the plane. The aircraft cabin, for example, is equipped with Hello Kitty toilet paper, seat covers, pillows, toys, spoons and forks, stirrers, and many other items. Even the kids’ meals are Hello Kitty-themed.

However, EVA Air is not the only company that has launched a themed aircraft. Thai Smile Air, for instance, has recently released a plane featuring the cartoon Adventure Time. Like the Hello Kitty-themed Boeing 777-300ER, this plane also has Adventure Time designs in both its exterior and interior. 

Another airline that has a themed plane is Japan’s largest airline—All Nippon Airways. This airline has launched an airplane designed after R2-D2, a robot that was part of the science fiction movie series Star Wars.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Would you want to ride a themed plane? Why or why not?
·         In your opinion, how can the airline benefit from having a Hello Kitty-themed plane?

Discussion B

·         What do you think makes an airplane ride pleasing? Please discuss your answer.
·         What are the common causes of discomfort when riding a plane?

August 16, 2015