Tanning Causes Skin Cancer

May 18, 2011

Unlocking Word Meanings
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

1. diagnose (v.) [dahy-uhg-nohs, -nohz] – to identify the cause or the situation of a disease through medical examination
Example: I was first diagnosed by the doctor when I got to the clinic.

2. triple (v.) [trip-uhl] – to increase the number of something three times
Example: The number of students tripled this year as a result of the good marketing strategy.
3. acquire (v.) [uh-kwahyuhr] – to get something through one’s own actions or efforts
Example: I was able to acquire my own car by working overtime for the past few months.

4. tanning bed (n.) [tan-ing] [bed] – a machine that has electric lamps which turn the skin tan or brown
Example: I prefer going to the beach to get a tan rather than using a tanning bed.

Read the text below.

According to Cancer Research UK, more British women under the age of 35 are diagnosed with melanoma, the deadliest kind of skin cancer.

The study shows that the number of melanoma patients aged 15 to 34 years old tripled since late 1970s. In addition, their data reveal that young women are twice more likely to acquire melanoma than men. Eight (8) out of 100,000 women between 15 and 34 have symptoms of the disease while only four (4) out of 100,000 men of the same age group do. In a two-year study done between 2006 and 2008, a quarter of the patients are women aged 30 and 34.

Sara Hiom, director of health information at the Cancer Research UK, believes frequent exposure to tanning beds primarily cause the increasing number of melanoma cases especially among teens. Exposure to tanning beds before the age of 35 raises the risk of melanoma by 75%.

Tanning beds rose to popularity in the 1970s when affordable travelling made tanned skin fashionable.

Melanoma can be prevented by avoiding sunburns, so sun protection is crucial says Hiom. In Scotland, a more direct solution involves banning underage teens from using tanning beds, while in England and Wales, laws are expected to make them illegal soon.

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor. 

Discussion A

·         What are a few reasons some people are willing to sacrifice their health to follow a trend?
·         Would you do the same? Why or why not?

Discussion B

·         What do you think can the government to protect people from these kinds of products or equipment?
·         Do you agree that people can choose to use these products or equipment at their own risk? Please explain your answer.

May 18, 2011