MacBook Air Can Be Used As a Spare Knife

October 3, 2011

Unlocking Word Meanings
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. bizarre (adj.) [bih-zahr] – strikingly different and unusual
Example: The movie we watched last night was about a bizarre love story between a human and a spirit.

2. spare (n.) [spair] – a reserve or substitute
Example: During blackouts, we use our spare lighting system in the house so we can continue studying our lessons.

3. sleek (adj.) [sleek] –having fine lines and edges
Example:  The sleek, black mobile phone looks classy.

4. durable (adj.) [door-uh-buhl, dyoor-] – capable of withstanding damage (usually caused by daily or ordinary use); long lasting
Example: Some people say that branded products are more durable than other products.

5. testament (n.) [tes-tuh-muhnt] – something that serves as a proof or evidence of something
Example: Her high score in the recent examinations is a testament to her hard work and diligence.

Read the text below.

Some bizarre online cooking videos have been showing how MacBook Air’s pointed edge can be used as a spare knife in chopping some fruits, vegetables and even shrimps.

Rosa Golijan, an MSNBC blogger writing about this trend, said that she is not prescribing the $1,000 Apple MacBook Air as a knife. However, in times of cooking emergencies when sharp-edged objects are unavailable, a person may make use of the laptop computer which Apple describes as sleek, durable and ready for anything.

Although these laptop computers can be quick solutions to kitchen problems, they may also hurt people. One blog post shows a photo of a man's elbow accidentally wounded by a MacBook Air computer or a similar model.

On the other hand, back in 2009 some MacBook Air owners came up with videos showing their frustrations with the system by stabbing their laptop computers with a knife. According to PC World, a popular computer magazine, the fact that it took three stabs to finally crack the screen is a testament to Apple’s durability.

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.
Discussion A

·         Have you ever used your computer or gadget for another purpose?
·         What other extraordinary features would you like your computer or gadget to have?

Discussion B

·         Do you usually get important data and information from online videos?
·         What kind of instructional videos do you watch?

October 3, 2011