Aliens, Only a Product of the Imagination

December 27, 2011

Unlocking Word Meanings
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.
1. extra-terrestrial (adj.) [ek-struh ter·res·tri·al]  – something occurring outside Earth
Example:  Astronauts explore Mars to find proof of extra-terrestrial life.

2. theory (n.) [thee-uh-ree, theer-ee] – an idea that may be possibly true if proven
Example: His theory about the cause of the new disease still cannot be proven.
3. testify (v.) [tes-tuh-fahy]– to make a statement based on personal knowledge
Example: The survivor testified about his experience during the car accident.

4. conscious (adj.) [kon-shuhs]– being aware of what is happening in one’s surroundings
Example: Some patients may be physically asleep but mentally conscious.

5. substantiate (v.) [suhb-stan-shee-ey]– to support with proof or evidence
Example: The crime witness’ statement must be substantiated for it to be accepted.

Read the text below.

Extra-terrestrial experiences, such as alien abductions and UFO sightings, may only be products of the human mind.

Michael Raduga from the Out-of-Body Experience Research Center in Los Angeles conducted a study based on his theory that alien encounters are actually vivid dreams.

Raduga enlisted 20 volunteers to do several mental steps upon being half-awake at night. They were told to try separating from their bodies at this stage of sleep. If they successfully dreamt of separating from their bodies, they were instructed to look for aliens. Otherwise, they should go back to sleep and try again later.

At the end of the study, more than 50% of the volunteers were able to achieve an either full or partial out-of-the-body experience. Seven of them successfully made “encounters” with aliens.

Alexander N., one of the participants, testified about meeting aliens who only tried to scare him and did not attempt any contact. He got so frightened that he returned to his conscious self.

Raduga plans to conduct more extensive studies to substantiate his theory.

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.
Discussion A

·         Why do you think some people believe in aliens?
·         Do you believe that there are really other life forms outside earth? Why or why not?

Discussion B

·         Do you think we have to see everything first before believing in it?
·         Are there things that you cannot see but still believe in? Explain your answer.

December 27, 2011