Chinese Supermodel Makes It Big in the Catwalk

December 7, 2011

Unlocking Word Meanings (5 minutes)
Let your student read the items below. Confirm that he/she understood each word. Use additional info/definition/question only when necessary. 

1. strut (v.) [struht] – to walk in a showy manner
     Example: My friend likes to strut around while wearing her new black boots.

2. catwalk (n.) [kat-wawk]– a long narrow platform that models walk on in a fashion show
    Example: Models find it difficult to walk the catwalk in 7-inch heels.

3. tier (n.) [teer] – level or position
     Example: Mr. Browning, who has been an employee for 20 years now, belongs to the company’s top tier executives.

4. debut (v.) [dey-byoo, deb-yoo] – to perform or reveal something in public for the first time
     Example: The young singer debuted on a television program for new singers.

5. unveil (v.) [uhn-veyl] – to launch or reveal
     Example: The artist unveiled his new set of paintings.

Read the text below.

Labeled as China’s first Supermodel, 23-year old Liu Wen makes her mark in the industry that is quickly finding its way into the prized Chinese market.

Liu started her modeling career at 18 when she joined a competition to win a computer set. Having grown up in a small town in Hunan Province, she had no idea of modeling until she moved to Beijing to pursue this career. After gaining some experience, she debuted in the international scene during the 2008 Burberry fashion show in Milan.

Since then, Liu has strutted down the catwalk of famous fashion shows and now belongs to the top tier of highly- paid models. Her current manager—Marilyn Agency in New York—says Liu’s success would increase China's influence in the fashion world.

With almost 2 million Chinese followers in Twitter, Liu can open China’s door to global brands. Estee Lauder’s Style and Image Director Aerin Lauder was so impressed by Liu’s ability to sell products to Chinese consumers that Liu was made the first Asian spokesperson for the brand.  

Liu is soon going to unveil her own clothing line in partnership with a Chinese company. She said that as a model, she tries to do her best and tries to ignore the pressures of representing China. She is happy to know that what she has achieved so far could inspire her fellow countrymen. 

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor. 
Discussion A

·         What do you think should be the right working attitude?
·         Do you think it is reasonable to accept all tasks even beyond the employee’s workload? Why or why not?

Discussion B

·         Do you consider yourself trendy and fashionable? Why or why not?
·         What are the advantages and disadvantages of being fashionable?

December 7, 2011