Football Player Auctions Self-Designed Motorbike for Charity

March 23, 2013

Unlocking Word Meanings 
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

1. auction 
[AWK-shuh n] (v.) – to sell an item or property to the customer who offers to pay the highest price
Example: The celebrity auctioned his car and sold it to a businessman with the highest offered price.

2. custom [KUHS-tuh m] (adj.) – made according to a person’s specific description
Example: The woman’s bag is special and unique because it has a custom design.

3. autographed [AW-tuh-graf, -grahf] (adj.) – having a person’s handwritten signature
Example: The football players gave autographed souvenirs to their fans.

4. on behalf of [on bih-HAF, -HAHF uhv] (idiom) – acting someone’s representative
ExampleOn behalf of the company, the president thanked the people for supporting the company’s products.

5. proceeds [PROH-seeds] (n.) – the amount of money raised from a fundraising activity
Example: The proceeds of the festival will go to patients with cancer.

Read the text below.

A diamond-covered motorbike designed by English football player Wayne Rooney was auctioned [AWK-shuhn] and sold for £43,000 (almost US$65,000).

The auction was held at the Bonhams Auction of Sports Memorabilia in the UK and was organized for the benefit of KidsAid, a Danish [DEY-nish] children’s charity that helps sick young people.

Lauge Jenson, a Danish motorbike manufacturer, asked Rooney to design a custom motorbike. Rooney, a successful striker in the team Manchester United, said he was excited to be a part of the project.

The football player’s design includes an autographed “No. 10” football shirt fixed on the motorbike’s gas tank.  The motorbike is also equipped with a special shift rod with 21 black diamonds and a white diamond. The motorbike also features artwork of Rooney celebrating his remarkable goal in 2011, which was named the “Best Goal” during that season. This goal, Rooney said, was his inspiration for the motorbike’s design.

Rooney said that designing the motorbike and donating the auction’s proceeds to Danish kids was also a way of thanking Danish fans on behalf of his team.

The Lauge Jensen company was established only a few years ago. Aside from Rooney, another sports star who designed a motorbike for the company was the former women’s world number one tennis player, Dane Caroline Wozniacki.

Viewpoint Discussion 
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.

Discussion A

·         Do you think other famous athletes should also help charities? Why or why not?
·         Why do you think some athletes organize activities to help charities?

Discussion B

·         How do you think the involvement of celebrities affects a company’s product?
·         In your opinion, why do some people buy products that celebrities advertise?


March 23, 2013