FIFA to Level Up Fight Against Discrimination

April 27, 2013

Unlocking Word Meanings
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

1. step up 
[STEP-uhp] (v. phrase) – to increase the efforts in an activity
Example:  The young athlete needs to step up her training to win the finals.

2. racism [REY-siz-uh m] (n.) – the belief that another race is lesser than one’s own race
Example: African-Americans have been the victims of racism in the USs.

3. discrimination [dih-skrim-uh-NEY-shuh n] (n.) – the act of treating a person or a group of people unfairly and differently
Example  Women should be allowed to play sports to prevent discrimination.

4. walk out [WAWK-out] (v. phrase) – to leave an event or a situation unexpectedly to show one’s protest
Example: I walked out of the room after my classmates threw hurtful words at me.

5. wake-up call [WEYK-uhp kawl] (n. phrase) – anything that informs people about an issue or warns people against danger
Example: The team’s loss in the championship is a wake-up call. .

Read the text below.

FIFA, in partnership with United Nations and top soccer players, is stepping up its fight against racism inside the soccer industry.

Issues on racism were highlighted when Kevin-Prince Boateng, a player from AC Milan, walked out of a match against Pro Patria last January when the crowd insulted and threw racist words at him.

Boateng is an ex-Ghana national and is one of the players that FIFA enlisted to help stop racism in soccer games. The soccer player met with FIFA president Sepp Blatter to talk about both their views on the issue.

According to Blatter’s speech on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the FIFA supports Boateng when the player walked out on the game to make a stand against discrimination.

Boateng’s action served as a wake-up call that discrimination remains a big problem today. As a result, Blatter encourages other top soccer players to promote the anti-discrimination campaign.

Boateng said that players should have no need to leave a game just because of racial abuse. He hopes that authorities would exert more effort to solve this issue.

Aside from Boateng’s experience, other discrimination cases also happened last year. UEFA, the European soccer association, charged several soccer teams for racially abusing some athletes. Among these teams were Inter Milan, Lazio, Serbia, and Chelsea.

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor. 

Discussion A

·         Why do you think racial discrimination remains a problem today?
·         How can we fight against racial discrimination?

Discussion B

·         Who are the common victims of discrimination? Why do you think so?
·         Why do you think some people discriminate against other people?


April 27, 2013