Man Drinks Nutrient Shake Instead of Eating Food

April 6, 2013

Unlocking Word Meanings 
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

1. nutritional 
[noo-TRISH-uh-nl] (adj.) – relating to or having nutrients and substances that keep the body healthy
Example: He drinks a nutritional juice drink with plenty of vitamins to avoid getting sick.

2. fed up [fed uhp] (idiom) – bored or tired of something
Example: Jack quit his job because he was fed up with heavy workload.

3. concoction [kon-KOK-shuh n, kuh n-] (n.) – a mix of different ingredients to make a new drink
Example: The bartender’s new concoction consists of vodka and fruit flavors.

4. leisure [LEE-zher, LEZH-er] (adj.) – free from work or other responsibilities
Example: Having no work on weekends gives me more leisure time.

5. revolutionize [rev-uh-LOO-shuh-nahyz] (v.) – to make a big change
Example: Mobile phones revolutionized the way people communicate.

Read the text below.

Rob Rhinehart, a 24-year-old software engineer in Georgia, has created his own nutritional drink after becoming fed up with buying, cooking and eating food. .

Soylent, the concoction Rhinehart made, contains protein, carbohydrates [kahr-boh-HAHR-dreyt, -buh-], fat, minerals and vitamins. The shake also has fewer calories and has no cancer-causing chemicals. Soylent is named after a type of food from a Sci-Fi book called “Make Room! Make Room!”

Rhinehart said he still enjoys the sweet taste of Soylent even after drinking it for more than a month. The shake also makes Rhinehart feel full.  He said that making the Soylent instead of preparing food helped lower his electric and water bills.

According to Rhinehart, he made the drink because he wanted to spend less but stay healthy. He believed that normal food and powdered drinks had the same effect on the body. For Rhinehart, eating was a leisure activity, but he did not want to eat three times a day.

However, some experts said that the idea is not original. Jay Mirtallo, a professor of pharmacy at Ohio State University, commented that Soylent is the same as medical food. Some companies even make drinks for patients with specific nutritional requirements.

Given time and further research, a drink like Soylent may revolutionize people’s diets,   solve world hunger and stop obesity. But for now, researchers are still not sure whether nutritional drinks can really replace normal food.

Viewpoint Discussion 
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor. 

Discussion A

·         Would you want to try Rhinehart’s nutritional drink? Please explain your answer.
·         In your opinion, what could happen to people who take only health drinks instead of food?

Discussion B

·         Do you think saving money is more important than eating delicious food? Why or why not?
·         How can the type of food we eat affect our health?


April 6, 2013