Standing for Three Hours a Day Has Health Benefits, Expert Claims

October 1, 2014

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. feasible /ˈfi zə bəl/ (adj.) – possible or doable
Example: Doing errands after work is not feasible for employees who work at night.

2. upright /ʌpˈraɪt/ (adv.) – in a vertically straight position
Example: Keeping one’s body upright while standing is good for the bones.

3. pointless /ˈpɔɪnt lɪs/ (adj.) – having no worthy results
Example: Eating high-cholesterol food makes going to the gym pointless.

4. physique /fɪˈzik/ (n.) – body structure or form
Example: Maintaining an ideal physique requires discipline.

5. stroll /stroʊl/ (n.) – refers to a leisurely walk
Example: A stroll in the park can sometimes be tiring.


Read the text below.
A sports consultant from the United Kingdom claims that standing for three hours a day amounts to running ten marathons per year.

Dr. Mike Loosemore, head of the Institute of Sport Exercise and Health at University College London, said that even a minor physical activity like standing up can provide health benefits. He believes that the advice of the UK government to do moderate exercises for 30 minutes a day in five days a week is not feasible for most people.

According to surveys, only about seven percent of men and four percent of women in the UK meet the official guidelines. More than 25 percent of British citizens even fail to reach half an hour of exercise in a week. Thus, Loosemore suggests that people do light activities like standing. He said that whenever people stand, muscles in the legs and in other parts are used to keep the body upright.

He added that if people stand three hours a day for five days in a week, their body will undergo an exercise similar to running 10 marathons within a year. Some people consider light activities as pointless exercises, but Loosemore said that this belief is wrong.

Among the health benefits that people can gain from simply standing are reduced cholesterol, improved physique, and lowered risk of getting cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the Department of Health agreed with Loosemore, saying that simple activities can still have long-term benefits. Other simple exercises include using stairs instead of elevators and parking cars slightly away from one’s destination to get a stroll.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Would you now consider standing for longer hours after reading the article? Why or why not?
·         Why do you think many British citizens cannot meet the government’s exercise guidelines?

Discussion B

·         What exercises do you think give the most benefits for the body? Kindly explain.
·         Aside from exercises, what else can keep our body healthy? Please discuss.

October 1, 2014