Pizza Shop in Philadelphia Gives Free Slices to Homeless People

March 29, 2015

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. brotherly love /ˈbrʌð ər li lʌv/ (n.) – feeling of kindness and sympathy to another person
Example: The charity group promotes brotherly love to every person.

2. prepay /priˈpeɪ/ (v.) – to pay for or buy something in advance
Example: Customers can prepay food they will not consume yet.

3. sticky note /ˈstɪk i noʊt/ (n.) – a small piece of paper with a strip of sticky material on the back
Example: She listed a reminder on a sticky note.

4. keep track /kip træk/ (idiom) – to remain updated or informed about something
Example: The restaurant keeps track of the number of donations per day.

5. accumulate /əˈkyu myəˌleɪt/ (v.) – to collect something over a period of time
Example: He accumulated points for the items he purchased this year.


Read the text below.
A pizza shop in Philadelphia proves why the city is known for its brotherly love.

At Rosa’s Fresh Pizza restaurant, customers can prepay a slice of pizza for homeless people. Each slice costs $1 and entitles a customer to a sticky note. The customer who prepaid a slice will write a message on the note to be posted inside the store.

The store’s “pay it forward” pizza program has run since March 2014. The owner, Mason Wartman, originally used the sticky notes to keep track of the free pizza slices available. But upon getting about 500 prepaid slices, he used the store’s register to accurately monitor available pizza slices.

For nine months, the restaurant accumulated 8,400 prepaid pizza slices. About 30 to 40 slices are given daily to the homeless. Now, recipients use the sticky notes to post their messages of gratitude. The owner said that the store does not verify if a customer is really homeless.

The 27-year-old business graduate opened his store in December 2013 and named it after his mother. Oftentimes, he found himself giving free slices to people who cannot afford one. The owner then got the idea of pay-it-forward pizza when one customer asked to pay for a slice to be given to a homeless person. Wartman’s generosity earned him a check worth $10,000 from American television host Ellen DeGeneres for his business.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Do you think a café or restaurant should also incorporate this in your city?
·         What do you think the customers gain from prepaying pizza slices?

Discussion B

·         How would you help people living in the streets?
·         Why do you think some people are homeless?

March 29, 2015