Singer and Former US VP Team Up for ‘Live Earth’ Concert

March 30, 2015

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. hitmaker /hɪt ˈmeɪ kər/ (n.) – a popular singer
Example: The concert featured various hitmakers.

2. climate change /ˈklaɪ mɪt tʃeɪndʒ/ (n.) – changes in the Earth’s temperature and weather condition
Example: Extreme heat is one of the many effects of climate change.

3. icon /ˈaɪ kɒn/ (n.) – a person or thing that represents something
Example: His environmental projects made him an icon in raising global warming awareness.

4. agreement /əˈgri mənt/ (n.) – a negotiated and agreed-upon decision or action
Example: The board of directors reached an agreement on adapting environmentally friendly practices.

5. venue /ˈvɛn yu/ (n.) – a particular place of an event
Example: Paris will be the venue of this year’s environmental conference.


Read the text below.
Hitmaker Pharrell Williams and former US vice president Al Gore announced a worldwide concert aiming to raise awareness on climate change.    

The concert called “Live Earth” was revealed during the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Williams said at the forum that the event’s main message is to demand actions against climate change. With the wide-ranging concert, the two icons hope to influence the outcome of the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in France in December. One of the main agenda in the conference is to reach a universal agreement on carbon emissions control.

The one-day event will happen on June 18. Performances featuring various artists will be held simultaneously across the world. The concert venues include Australia, Brazil, China, France, South Africa, and the United States. Gore said the concert will be shown in nearly 200 television networks drawing about two billion viewers. Each concert will last between four and six hours.

The first Live Earth concert series happened in 2007 in Sydney, London, Kyoto, and Rio de Janeiro. Gore and music producer Kevin Wall co-founded the event. A sequel was supposed to be done in India in 2008 but was canceled because of terrorist attacks in the city a month before the event.

A day before the World Economic Forum, accountancy firm PwC released a survey of 1,322 CEOs from 77 countries about their public policy priorities. Only 6% or about 79 business leaders wanted the government to prioritize policies against climate change. Most CEOs wanted lawmakers to focus on tax reductions and improvement of public infrastructures.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         If given the chance, would you attend the Live Earth? Why or why not?
·         Why do you think most CEOs do not prioritize policies against climate change?

Discussion B

·         Do you think concerts are effective in raising public awareness? Why or why not?
·         Aside from concerts, how else can awareness on important issues be raised? Kindly discuss.

March 30, 2015