Historic TWA Flight Center to be Converted into Hotel

December 14, 2015

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. admire / ædˈmaɪər / (v.) – to like someone or something
Example: The tourists admired the airport’s design.

2. convert / kənˈvɜrt / (v.) – to change from a previous state to another
Example: They want to convert the place into something more commercial.

3. landmark / ˈlændˌmɑrk / (n.) – a building or structure that has a historic, cultural, or national significance
Example: The airport has become one of the country’s known landmarks.

4. demolish / dɪˈmɒl ɪʃ / (v.) – to purposefully destroy a structure
Example: Some old buildings have already been demolished.

5. albeit / ɔlˈbi ɪt / (conj.) – although
Example: The entire program went smoothly; albeit it started late.


Read the text below.
New York will soon say goodbye to one of its iconic buildings—at least in its present form.

The Trans World Airline (TWA) Flight Center, located at the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport, will close down and be converted into a hotel. During the Open House New York weekend in October, the historic flight center was opened to the public for four hours for the last time. People came to see and admire the building before construction of the hotel starts.

The TWA Flight Center will be converted into the TWA Flight Center Hotel, and is scheduled to open in 2018. It will have six to eight restaurants, a museum exhibiting the history of the building and TWA, and an observation deck. An additional 40,000 square feet will be built for meeting space.

TWA's terminal is one of New York City's most historic landmarks and is a symbol of the country’s Jet Age. It was built in 1962 by architect Eero Saarinen.  The terminal was operational until 2001, the year when it went bankrupt.

The hotel will be a joint partnership between JetBlue Airways Corporation and the seventh biggest hotel owner-operator in the United States, MCR Development.

Unlike other terminals, such as Delta Air Lines’ Terminal 3 and the National Airlines Sundrome Terminal 6, which were completely demolished a few years ago, TWA’s status as a historical landmark has helped in its preservation, albeit in a slightly different form.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Do you agree that the TWA Flight Center should be converted into a hotel? Why or why not?
·         What else do you think could be done to save the TWA Flight Center? Why?

Discussion B

·         What is a place in your country that you wish could be converted into something more useful? Why?
·         Do you think all historical landmarks should be preserved? Why or why not?

December 14, 2015