Delta Air Lines to Offer More Private Business Class Suites

October 31, 2016

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. debut / deɪˈbyu / (v.) – to launch or show for the first time
Example: The company will debut its new plane at a press conference tomorrow.

2. long-haul / ˈlɔŋˌhɔl / [ (adj.) – over a long distance 
Example: My fear of flying has kept me from traveling on long-haul flights.

3. top-notch / ˈtɒpˈnɒtʃ / (adj.) – of the highest quality
Example: Their in-flight menu is top-notch because a famous chef prepares it.

4. draw / drɔ / (v.) – to do something to attract someone
Example: The 50% discount on flights drew a large crowd outside the airline’s ticketing office.

5. upgrade / ˈʌpˌgreɪd / (n.) – an improved condition or state
Example: They offered the honeymooners a free upgrade from economy class to business class. 


Read the text below.
American airline company Delta Air Lines will debut new suites for its long-haul business class flights.

According to Delta chief marketing officer Tim Maples, Delta aims to give passengers the feel of traveling via a private jet. To fulfill its promise of more privacy, each suite will feature something not normally seen on regular cabins—a sliding door. The suites will also have a seat that can be converted into a flatbed, as well as several compartments where passengers can store their shoes, gadgets, and headphones.

In addition to the premium quality suites, in-flight dining and hygiene services in the new business class will also be top-notch. Passengers will be able to enjoy indulgent meals made by renowned chefs and amenity kits from luxury luggage brand, Tumi.

The suites will be the highlight of Delta’s very first Airbus A350 plane. Considered by aviation experts as the most technologically advanced plane in 2015, the A350 is lightweight, fast, and eco-friendly.

The company is targeting a September 2017 release for its all-suite business class. The initiative hopes to address some passengers request for more privacy during flights.

While Delta is drawing customers in by offering them more privacy, British Airways is using a different approach. The British airline company is offering its business class passengers a free upgrade to first class until December 23 this year. The company has also teamed up with other airlines, such as American Airlines and Finnair, so passengers can still avail of the upgrade for connecting flights when they book through British Airways.  

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Do you prefer Delta’s private suites to regular cabins? Why or why not?
·         In what situations would you like to have more privacy while traveling?

Discussion B

·         In what other ways can airline companies improve a passenger’s flying experience?
·         Which is more important for you—fast travel time or luxurious in-flight amenities? Why? 

October 31, 2016