Justin Bieber Walks Out Because of Fans

December 26, 2016

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. storm off / ˈstɔrm ɔf / (phrasal v.) – to angrily leave a place
Example: After the argument, he stormed off.

2. boo / bu / (v.) – to express dissatisfaction or disgust by shouting
Example: The audience booed the celebrity for arriving late at the event.

3. establish / ɪˈstæb lɪʃ / (v.) – to make or create
Example: He tried to establish a connection with her by looking into her eyes while they talked.

4. disappointment / ˌdɪs əˈpɔɪnt mənt / (n.) – the feeling of being unhappy because something did not happen
Example: Fans expressed their disappointment when the show was canceled.

5. obnoxious əbˈnɒk ʃəs / (adj.) – describing behavior that is unpleasant or causes offense
Example: Directors do not want to work with him because of his obnoxious behavior on set.


Read the text below.
Canadian pop star Justin Bieber stormed off the stage during his concert in the United Kingdom after his fans did not stop screaming at his request.

The 22-year-old Grammy winner held a series of concerts in the United Kingdom as part of his Purpose World Tour. The incident happened during his concert on October 20, which was held at the Manchester Arena. Some of the audience started booing when the performer dropped his microphone and walked off the stage.

During his concert, Bieber asked the screaming audience to keep quiet in between his songs. He said that he wanted to speak to them during breaks to establish a connection with them. However, when the audience started to cheer louder, the singer dropped his microphone and angrily marched off the stage. Despite what happened, he returned to the stage a few minutes later to continue his performance.

After the incident, Bieber wrote a letter on Twitter to explain his side. In his letter, he said that he was not angry with his fans for screaming, but he just wanted them to hear him out. Afterward, he thanked his fans for watching his performance.

The incident received mixed reactions from fans. Some defended the singer, while others expressed their disappointment toward his actions.

The controversial concert is not the first incident that the singer got involved in throughout his career. Days before the Manchester show, a similar incident happened in a show in Birmingham. Bieber commented onstage that his fans’ screaming was obnoxious. In return, many of his fans called him rude on Twitter.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         In your opinion, who was at fault in this incident: Justin Bieber or the audience? Why?
·         How do you think will this incident affect his image?

Discussion B

·         In what ways can celebrities be good role models?
·         Name a celebrity that you consider a role model. Explain why.

December 26, 2016