Food Companies to Produce Healthier Snacks

February 5, 2017

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. slash / slæʃ / (v.) – to cut or reduce
Example: The president slashed the department’s budget because of the decrease in sales.

2. content / ˈkɒn tɛnt / (n.) – the amount of a certain substance that something contains
Example: The fat content of nuts is very high.

3.  dissolve / dɪˈzɒlv / (v.) – to make something solid melt and be part of a liquid
Example: The milk powder quickly dissolved in the hot water.

4. complex / kəmˈplɛks / (adj.) – difficult to understand or complicated 
Example: The problem was so complex that they needed the help of experts.

5. pressure / ˈprɛʃ ər / (n.) – the feeling of having to do a certain action from the demand of someone or something
Example: The government added pressure to the people to stop smoking by imposing tax on cigarettes. 


Read the text below.
A number of international food manufacturers will be offering healthier versions of their products in the coming years.

For instance, Nestlé / ˈnɛsleɪ /, a Swiss food and beverage company, came up with a new method to make their chocolate products healthier. This method can reportedly slash up to 40% of the sugar content in the sweets.

Nestlé’s scientists discovered a way to modify the structure of sugar molecules to make sugar dissolve more quickly. As a result, even if the chocolates have less sugar, their sweetness will still be almost the same as before. According to Nestlé’s chief technology officer, the company is trying to copy the complex structures of sugar found in natural food like fruits.

So far, Nestlé’s innovation is getting positive feedback from the company’s stakeholders. The company plans to patent the discovery and use it on its products by 2018.

Aside from Nestle, other companies like PepsiCo Inc. also joined the bandwagon of producing healthier consumer goods. PepsiCo announced its intentions to reduce the sugar content of its products by 2025. The company plans to change the formula of its beverages and introduce more drinks that contain less sugar.

The move toward reducing sugar in food products is brought about by increasing pressures from governments, health advocates, and consumers. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Mexico, and the United States have already taken actions such as implementing sugar taxes. 

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         How do you think the initiatives will affect Nestlé and PepsiCo? Discuss. 
·         Aside from sweets and soft drinks, what other products need to have healthier versions? Discuss.

Discussion B

·         Do you think that taste of food should be compromised over its health benefits? Why or why not?
·         Would you want to buy the healthier versions of food products even if they may not taste as good? Why or why not?

February 5, 2017