Dubai Real Estate Tycoon Enters Tech Industry

March 16, 2017

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. teem   / tim / (v.) – to be full of or abundant with something
Example: During the Christmas holidays, shopping malls are teeming with people.

2. high-end / ˈhaɪˈɛnd / (adj.) – more expensive and of better quality than others
Example: The high-end resort has only twelve villas to ensure the privacy of its guests.

3. array / əˈreɪ / (n.) – a large collection of things
Example: Consumers can choose from an array of products in the store.

4. in-house / ˈɪnˌhaʊs / (adj.) – owned by or working within an organization
Example: The books were written by in-house researchers.

5. boast / boʊst / (v.) – to have an impressive feature
Example: The hotel boasts two Olympic-size swimming pools.


Read the text below.
Mohamed Alabbar, chairman of Dubai’s Emaar Properties, is expanding his business ventures this year.

In 1997, Alabbar founded Emaar Properties, a real estate company in Dubai. The company is known for developing the Dubai Marina, an elegant district teeming with skyscrapers, fine-dining restaurants, shopping malls, and high-end accommodations. Aside from this, Emaar also created the Burj Khalifa [burj kah-LEEF-uh], the tallest building in the world, which stands at 830 meters.

This year, the tycoon is venturing into e-commerce by launching, an online shopping platform. offers customers a wide array of goods under several categories such as Fashion, Electronics, and Home/Lifestyle. It also has an in-house delivery team that offers a same-day delivery service to customers. is a one-billion-dollar business venture that boasts a staggering inventory of 20 million items. The goods are stored in a warehouse the size of 60 football stadiums. According to Alabbar, the company aims to be the dominant e-commerce platform providing convenient online shopping to the 350 million people in the region.

Aside from, Alabbar is also launching a mysterious startup called e25. The startup seeks 25 people under 25 years old who have excellent academic records, creative minds, and entrepreneurial minds.

Interested applicants will be asked to write an essay using less than 1,000 words about how they can surpass the company’s expectations if they get hired. These expectations include adding value to the company, making a difference, and leaving a legacy.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Why do you think e25 prefers to hire younger people?
·         Would you apply for a position in a startup business like e25, even if there is very little information about what it will be (e.g. nature of business)?

Discussion B

·         If you were an employer, what qualities would you look for in an employee?
·         Would you prefer hiring older and more experienced applicants, or younger ones who have just graduated? Why?

March 16, 2017