Stray Dogs in India to Be Trained as Security Dogs

November 11, 2014

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. adopt /əˈdɑːpt/ (v.) – to take care of an animal as one’s own pet
Example: We have decided to adopt the homeless cat.

2. stray /ˈstreɪ/ (adj.) – referring to an animal that is abandoned or has no home
Example: Some veterinarians give help to stray cats.

3. ferocious /fəˈroʊʃəs/ (adj.) – violent and dangerous
Example: The police shot the ferocious crocodile that killed three fishermen.

4. vaccinate /ˈvæksəˌneɪt/ (v.) – to give immunity to a communicable disease by injecting vaccine
Example: The local government organizes a program to vaccinate all animals in the area.

5. rabies /ˈreɪbiz/ (n.) – a disease that affects the nervous system acquired if bitten by an infected animal
Example: Pet owners should make sure their pets have shots of rabies vaccine.


Read the text below.
Authorities in New Delhi [DEL-ee] will soon be adopting stray dogs in the city and turn these animals into security dogs.

A new security force called “May I help you?” will work side by side with police animal trainers and the dogs to ensure and strengthen public safety. Jalaj Shirivastava [JA-lai shi-ri-VAS-ta-va], chairman of the civic body said that dogs better work instead of just roam around the streets. Forty officers have already been deployed, and the authorities still aim to train up to 700 people.

The new scheme of the government aims to tackle two issues. First is to turn ferocious dogs into security dogs. Second is to make the city a safer place for the residents.

Once the training starts, dogs will be treated well and will be vaccinated, a move praised by animal activists. In addition, the officials clarified that the dogs will not be doing serious tasks such as sniffing for explosives and other dangerous substances.

Stray dogs are a common sight in India. Since the implementation of a 2001 law that prohibits the killing of stray dogs, the animal’s population has increased rapidly. A 2009 survey shows that about 260,000 stray dogs live in Delhi. This has also led to many incidents of dog bites from dogs that bark violently at passersby. Another reason for the increase of dogs and other animals is the Hindu belief that strongly objects to the killing of animals.

While other cities in India have programs for vaccination and sterilization, an estimated 20,000 still die annually from rabies, most of whom are children.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Do you think this new law will be effective? Explain your answer.
·         How else do you think India can reduce the increase of stray dogs in the country?

Discussion B

·         Do you think pet owners should be punished for neglecting their pets? Explain your answer. 
·         How can we prevent animal cruelty?

November 11, 2014