MGM to Start Charging for Parking

March 3, 2016

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. valet parking / væˈleɪ ˈpær kɪŋ / (n.) – a type of service wherein an employee will park a customer’s car
ExampleValet parking is more convenient if you’re in a rush.  

2. policy / ˈpɒl ə si / (n.) – a rule that guides the actions taken by an organization
Example: The hotel has a new policy regarding pool use at night.

3. upscale / ˈʌpˈskeɪl / (adj.) – expensive or high-class
Example: I can’t afford to eat at upscale restaurants everyday.

4. establishment / ɪˈstæb lɪʃ mənt / (n.) – a place of business
Example: The establishment does not allow customers to bring in food bought outside.

5. pioneer /ˌpaɪ əˈnɪər /  (v.) – to participate in the start of something
Example: She pioneered a project in the company. 


Read the text below.
MGM Resorts International announced that it will begin charging visitors for parking at its Las Vegas Strip properties this year.

Between April and June, the company will start charging its overnight guests self-parking fees of up to $10, although some areas in Mandalay Bay Place shopping malls, Circus Circus   hotel, and the Crystals will still have free parking.

On the other hand, more than 10 MGM establishments will start to charge for parking. Higher fees will also be charged for valet parking. Only members of M Life, the company’s customer loyalty program, will still be able to enjoy free parking.

There are two reasons for the change in policy. The first is to increase MGM's earnings, 70 percent of which is obtained from facilities outside the casino such as bars, upscale shops, and celebrity restaurants. The second is to recover some of the costs in the construction of the 3,000-space parking garage at the Excalibur. The parking facility is meant to boost visitor attendance at nearby establishments such as the Monte Carlo Theater, the Park retail and restaurant chain, and the T-Mobile Arena.

The new policy breaks from a Las Vegas tradition of granting free parking to locals.  However, the company has a track record of charging for services that are usually free. An example of which is the resort fee which MGM pioneered in its hotels. The resort fee is a certain amount charged to guests for services such as Internet access and gym privileges. However, not everyone was happy about it, as evidenced by customers’ threats on social media to go elsewhere.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

·         What places charge parking fees in your country?
·         Do you think parking should be a free service? Why or why not?

Discussion B
·         What products/services should be free for customers?
·         Which would you rather buy – a cheaper item with inferior quality or a more expensive item with better quality?

March 3, 2016