NBA Team Partners with Technology Giant to Design New Arena

January 31, 2017

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. count on / kaʊnt ɒn / (idiom) – to rely on someone or something
Example: You can count on her to finish her work on time.

2.  steadfast /ˈstɛdˌfæst / (adj.) – loyal
Example: He was a steadfast friend throughout high school.  

3.  show a lot of promise / ʃoʊ ə lɒt uhv prɒm ɪs / (idiom) – demonstrates the possibility of becoming something good
Example: The plans for their new project show a lot of promise.

4. forward /ˈfɔr wərd / (v.) – to submit
Example: I’ll forward your recommendation to the committee.

5. no stranger to / noʊ ˈstreɪn dʒər tə / (idiom) – familiar with something
Example: He grew up in the Philippines, so he is no stranger to warm weather.


Read the text below.
The Golden State Warriors, one of the NBA’s most popular teams, partnered with technology consultancy firm Accenture to build the team’s new arena.

Chase Center, the team’s new home is slated to be completed by 2019. As the official technology innovation partner, Accenture will help in assembling the arena’s technological features. Although headquartered in Ireland, the tech company has facilities in Silicon Valley that will make it easy for them to improve the Chase Center in San Francisco. In addition, as an established company in its industry, the Warriors believe that Accenture can be counted on to remain steadfast in the partnership long after the Chase Center has opened.

While the Chase Center is still under construction, the Warriors and Accenture will ask fans to suggest new ideas for the arena’s technological features. Those that show a lot of promise may be tested at the Oracle Arena, the Warriors' current home in Oakland. The best ideas may even make it to Chase Center.

Some fan ideas have already been forwarded to the Warriors, which include suggestions on the fastest way to order food and drinks via smartphones. Others also suggested ways on how fans can easily move in and out of the parking lot.

The Warriors are no stranger to using technology to give both fans and players a better experience. Since the team was acquired by Joe Lacob, a major investor in technology companies, the team relied heavily on technology to improve their chances of winning in the NBA.

The Warriors were one of the first teams in the NBA to install SportVU in their home arena. The SportVU is a set of cameras that record important statistics of team members as they play. The data gathered by the SportVU helped the team improve its playing strategy and achieve its current success.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         For sports teams, what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of having corporate sponsors?
·         Which do you think is a greater motivation for athletes: fan support or corporate sponsors? Why?

Discussion B

·         What technological innovations would you like to see in places that hold live events (e.g. arenas, auditoriums)? Enumerate as many as you can.
·         In your opinion, where should sports teams invest in more: technological innovations or improving the performance of athletes? Defend your answer. 

January 31, 2017