FC Barcelona Aims To Stay On Top

February 5, 2012

Unlocking Word Meanings
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

1. unwavering (adj.)
 [uhn-wey-ve-ring] – steady or firm
Example: The sold out concert proved the unwavering support of the performer’s fans.

2. flatten (v.) [flat-n] – to beat or to knock down
Example:   The boxer needs to increase his speed in order to flatten his opponent.

3. golden era (n.) [gohl-duhn-eer-uh] – a time period wherein some activity or skill is at its best
Example:  Great paintings were produced during the golden era of art called Renaissance.

4. thrive (v.) [thrahyv] – to do well (in an environment)
Example: A child thrives when under the care of supportive and loving parents.

5. despondent (adj.) [dih-spon-duhnt] – having little or no hope or courage
Example: The soldiers felt despondent after losing their leader in battle.

Read the text below.

After winning the FIFA Club World Cup for the second time in three years, Spain’s FC Barcelona plans on keeping their top position for years more. However, the desire of defeated team FC Santos from Brazil to win the title remains unwavering.

Barcelona flattened Santos  with a score of 4-0, with world player of the year Lionel Messi scoring two goals, while midfielder Cesc Fabregas and Xavi Hernandez scoring one each. But Fabregas insists that winning the title was not as easy as it seemed. Their win only looked easy because his team played with professionalism and discipline.

Barcelona’s team manager, Pep Guardiola, comments that the team’s success is because of its very talented players. Their strategies were also very simple, which involved studying the opponents, keeping the ball in their control, and using the field space well.

Even if they are under more pressure now that they have been officially recognized as the world's best soccer team, FC Barcelona aims to continue its golden era. The team thrives on pressure, Fabregas says. He adds that although it is not possible to win every game, the team has already proven its capabilities and will just continue doing its best.

Meanwhile, Santos had its hopes on their young players Neymar Santos and Paulo Henrique Ganso, although they don't stand a chance against Barcelona's speed. Despite the defeat, Santos team manager Muricy Ramalho does not remain despondent. He still believes in his team’s key players and finds no shame in losing. Their loss will only challenge them to become stronger and defeat Barcelona or any other team in the next World Cup.

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor. 

Discussion A 
      What do you think makes a sports team successful?
      What kind of attitude do you think a sports team should have when they are defeated?

Discussion B

     Would you describe yourself as competitive? Why or why not?
     What would motivate you to win?


February 5, 2012