Catching Fish from Tokyo Rivers

February 14, 2012

Unlocking Word Meanings
Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article.

1. scattered (adj.) – to be distributed to different locations
Example: Many coffee shops are scattered throughout the city.

2. assorted (adj.) – consisting of different kinds or categories
Example: The restaurant offers assorted meat and vegetable dishes.

3. aficionado (n.) – a fan of any sport or activity
Example: As a basketball aficionado, he watches national tournaments without fail.

4. bonus (n.) – something given in addition to what is expected
Example: Employees are given bonuses in their salaries when they exceed their sales limits.

5. session (n.) – a period of time for a specific activity
Example: Each yoga session lasts for 2 hours.

Read the text below.

Tokyo residents who want to fish need not go out to the countryside to do so, because they can still catch fish from fishing places scattered throughout the city.

Surrounded by sports and recreation areas, the 138-kilometer Tamagawa River in the west of Tokyo attracts many local fishermen. Assorted fish species can be found here, such as carp, rainbow trout, cherry salmon, iwana, ugui and ayu. The river is also abundant with loach, crabs and turtles.

East of Tokyo, on the other hand, is the Sumida River, and near the Tokyo Sky Tree—the tallest tower in the world—is another good area for fishing aficionados.  Although the fishing spot looks more artificial compared to Tamagawa’s natural environment, the place remains popular with local men. The kinds of fish found in Tamagawa can also be caught here.

For people living in central Tokyo, the Ichigaya Fishing Center found along the Kanda river is the perfect place for the hobby. At ¥690 per hour, one can enjoy fishing in the five pools filled with carp. The fish are later returned back to the water. As a bonus, a free hour is given to people who can catch 7kg of fish in a session. The center also holds a contest for 26 fishermen every second Sunday of the month.

Boat fishing is also becoming popular with some adventurous fishermen. Together with a guide, they can explore Tokyo Bay for Japanese sea bass like striper, barramundi and snook. Renting a boat for such a trip through Trout & King Fishing Tours costs ¥36,500 for four hours.

With these fishing places just within reach to people in the city, many can still continue to enjoy the sport and hobby.

Viewpoint Discussion
Enjoy a discussion with your tutor. 

Discussion A

·         Do you think fishing in a rural area is similar to fishing in the city? Why?
·         If you were to go fishing, would you choose to do so in a city or in the countryside?

Discussion B

·         What kind of activities do people usually do when they are in rural areas? Do you think activities done in rural areas can also be done in the city? 
·         What are the advantages of doing activities in the countryside?


February 14, 2012