Shocking Things Vacationists do to Save Money

May 27, 2013

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. outrageous [out-REY-juh s](adj.) – going beyond what is right or proper
Example: Charlie’s outrageous behavior in the airplane alarmed the airport security.  
2. miser [MAHY-zer] (n.) – one who hates spending money
Example: The grumpy old miser complained about his expensive hotel bill.

3. pocket [POK-it] (v.) – to put inside as if in a pocket
Example: The vacationists pocketed the hotel shampoo when they left the place.

4. dine and dash [dahyn and dash] (v. phrase) – to run from paying a bill
Example: The man paid double his restaurant bill for attempting to dine and dash.

5. bothersome [BOTH-er-suh m] (adj.) – causing worry and difficulty
Example: The man’s strange actions in the pool were very bothersome to the guests.


Read the text below.

A recent survey by OnePoll, a market research company, revealed some of the most outrageous things British vacationists do while on vacation.

To save on vacation expenses, some misers commit different kinds of stealing and lying. Some Brits do not only sneak into other resorts to use facilities, but also go as far as leaving the bar or restaurant without paying the bills.

The poll revealed that 5.5% of the vacationers pretended to be on a honeymoon or to be celebrating a birthday or anniversary just to get a room upgrade. Also, 11.2% lied about their children's ages to get discounts on admissions to theme parks.

Reports also showed that 11.65% of the respondents admitted to using other resort facilities to experience first class facilities and services for a minimal cost. In addition, 7.65% used another hotel's shuttle service.

Still, other vacationers have found clever ways of saving on their dining needs. About 39% of the respondents said they pocketed food from the breakfast buffet in order to save on lunch. Other people just refused tipping at bars and restaurants while some just bought their food and drinks at the supermarket. The more serious offenders consisted of about 1.4% of the vacationers, who dined and dashed at restaurants.

But, the most bothersome is that 27% of the respondents said they used "other" cost-cutting measures while on a vacation. This result can make people curious about what other extreme and dishonest ways some vacationers do in order to save money.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Why do you think some people do outrageous things in order to get freebies or discounts?
·         How can people spend less during a vacation but still have a good time?

Discussion B

·         Which would you rather spend more money for: accommodations or restaurants? Why do you say so?
·         Do you think money is very important so people can enjoy life? Why or why not?


May 27, 2013