Haneda Airport Terminal to Expand for International Flights

November 17, 2016

Unlocking Word Meanings

Read the following words/expressions found in today’s article. 

1. dedicate / ˈdɛd ɪˌkeɪt / (v.) – to reserve something for a certain purpose
Example:  The new high-end conference room is dedicated to executive meetings.

2. make room / ˈmeɪk rum / (idiom) – to create space for something or someone
Example: They cleared the garage of trash to make room for their new car.

3. hub / hʌb / (n.) – center
Example: Do you know where Japan’s entertainment hub is?

4. sector / ˈsɛk tər / (n.) – a particular group
Example: Building new bridges is an initiative of several private sectors in the country.

5. bolster / ˈboʊl stər / (v.) – to strengthen or put additional support
Example: The engineer put additional steel beams to bolster the glass building.


Read the text below.
Japan will be opening Haneda Airport’s Terminal 2 to international flights by March 2020, in time for the Summer Olympics and Paralympics.

Currently, the Haneda Airport in Tokyo has three terminals. Terminals 1 and 2 service domestic flights, while Terminal 3 is the only one dedicated to international flights. The airport is planning to expand its international services, as Japan’s transport ministry is aiming to increase international takeoffs and landings in Haneda by 40%.

Currently, the government’s goal to attract 7 million tourists per year cannot be accommodated by the airport, thus making an expansion necessary. However, Terminal 3, which currently handles international flights, cannot be expanded because of its location.

To make room for additional overseas flights, one-third of Terminal 2’s aircraft parking areas will be used for international planes. In addition, a new aircraft parking facility will be built in Terminal 2’s cargo area. The expansion will entail additional entrances and exits, international-only gates, and other facilities for dining, shopping, and immigration screening. Concerns about possible flight confusion have been raised, but airport management assured that Terminal 2's domestic and international flights will have different schedules to help avoid this.

With the expansion, Haneda Airport is set to become the hub for promoting tourism and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Apart from expanding Haneda Airport’s Terminal 2, government and private sectors are also planning to create three new roads, bolster ports, and make transportation more efficient for the Olympics. Initiatives to ease transportation include introducing a self-driving taxi service and launching the Tokyo Water Taxi, which has piers near Haneda Airport.

Viewpoint Discussion

Enjoy a discussion with your tutor.  

Discussion A

·         Do you think that Terminal 2’s international expansion will still be useful even after the Olympics? Explain.
·         Among the initiatives mentioned above, which do you think will be sustainable or useful for a long period of time?

Discussion B

·         What is the impact of opening a country to foreigners?
·         What initiatives should a country do to accommodate foreigners?

November 17, 2016